The Benefits of Dehydrated Culantro

Not to be confused with its cousin cilantro, culantro is a much more potent herb. It retains its structure and firmness better under high heat, and also gives off a much more powerful aroma. Its durability makes it ideal for all types of dishes and cooking methods. Grill, broil, simmer, and bake culantro into your favorite recipes and experience a unique flavor that's more than meets the tongue.

We're proud to offer our locally sourced brand of dehydrated culantro. Organic, gluten-free, and preservative-free, our dehydrated culantro leaves can be conveniently stored until a recipe calls for it. The heating process locks in many of the leaves' nutrients and also kills bacteria that may survive rinsing. It's relation to cilantro makes it a viable substitute in many Asian dishes and compatible in all types of cuisines. It is a perennial favorite in the Caribbean. Locals in Trinidad and Tobago love using our ChadonBeni culantro leaves in meat dishes along with our other spices like scorpion peppers.

Speaking of scorpion peppers, did you know that the juice from culantro leaves helps relieve pain and swelling from scorpion stings? Like many herbs and spices, culantro packs a variety of health benefits alongside its unique flavor and aroma. Rich in vitamin A, calcium, and iron, culantro supports healthy immune function and bone health. It has also been used for centuries in tea to help relieve the flu, constipation, fevers, and diabetes, chills, and convulsions. It is a staple in chutneys for its ability to regulate appetite and promote weight loss.

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