How Do I Use Dehydrated Thyme and Lime?

Thyme and lime are two of the most popular and versatile organic herbs and spices. They are staples in a variety of meat dishes and have many medicinal uses as well. Golden Rootz offers dehydrated thyme and lime for convenient long-term storage and long-lasting freshness.

Upon first glance, thyme looks like an unassuming herb. However, this relative of the mint has many powerful health benefits. Thyme is chock-full of antibacterial properties, and in certain preparations has been shown to help treat acne better than many modern branded skin care products. It's unique flavor profile makes it an excellent substitute for salt, helping to reduce sodium levels and regulate blood pressure. As a good source of vitamins A and C along with minerals like copper and iron, thyme boosts immune function and digestive health. The aromatic chemicals in thyme have also been shown to improve mood.

Lime is no slouch, either. You may think of the green citrus fruit as the sidekick of the lemon, but it deserves its own spotlight. Lime juice helps rejuvenate skin, lower blood sugar, and improve digestion. The key ingredient is citric acid, which also helps fight infections and promote weight loss. The acidity also helps prevent kidney stones and reduce inflammation. As a fragrance, lime is used to energize and revitalize.

Together, thyme and lime make for a good time. They go well in soups, salads, bakes, stir-frys, and just about any dish you can imagine. The fresh, zesty aromas and tangy kick bring out the flavor of meats and vegetables without needing much help from salt. Our dehydrated thyme and lime is sure to liven up your cooking and maybe even change your life.



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